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Sky's Life by CursedSkyWarrior Sky's Life by CursedSkyWarrior
I got tagged by :theyonderlander:… Here is the original sheet. I decided to use my sonas for this.

Where were you born? Any siblings?

I was born in Florida and I have no siblings.

Life in Kindergarden.

I don't remember honestly, but I do remember I was a little brat was loud and obnoxious. If I meet my child self, I would utterly hate them.

Life in Elementary.

I hardly remember Elementary life. But I do know that I was bullied but I was either too stupid to know or gave no craps about their opinions. I was very out going and I loved to make friends. I actually made my best friend during this time.

Middle School.

Ugh this was life changing. I moved schools a lot which made me not talk a whole lot and top of all that I was bullied very badly and my parents were threatening to divorce each other and their fights were so bad that I hide in my room. This point in time is when I discovered Route50.

High School

Because of being bullied I become more introverted and second guess things a lot. I didn't make a lot of friends during 9 and 10th grade, which I regret to this day. But I feel like I'm getting a little better as time goes onward.

What are your dreams?

I was suppose to write the word 'idea' in the cloud but I forgot. But I would love to write a book or something to that effect.

Any last comments?

TheYonderlander Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2014  Student Digital Artist
adorable vulpix sona ;w;

Dude why is middle school such a terrible time for everyone. 
CursedSkyWarrior Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
When I've talked about my personal experience with middle with one of my teachers she told me it usually the time where kids try and find themselves? I can't exactly remember what she told me, being it was in 9th grade.

Also thank you.
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